Our Fees


How Our Fees Are Unique

We are fee only financial planners in Long Island. We do not sell annuities, insurance, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, limited partnerships, or other commissioned products. We do not accept commissions or finder’s fees in any form.

  • Our fees are easy to understand. We charge only for the number of hours it takes us to complete your financial plan. Most traditional fee only financial planners require earned income or investment asset minimums. This means their largest fee is based on an ongoing (monthly or quarterly) percentage of assets under management. This is usually in addition to financial planning fees. Woodhull is focused solely on delivering expert financial planning in Long Island at an hourly specified rate.
  • Before we begin work on your financial planning, we will give you a firm quote for the hours we expect to spend. You may also decide to return to us in the future for an updated review of your plan. Updated reviews usually cost much less than the original plan.
  • If you need us for just one or two hours, that’s all we bill you for. This option is for clients with specific questions such as “Which employer benefits should I take advantage of ?” The total cost will be based on the amount of time spent.

Please refer to the table below to estimate the complexity level that best represents your financial planning in Long Island needs. The hourly ranges reflect the integrated bundling of service areas that will be necessary to deliver a comprehensive financial plan at your level.

Service Level 1 $1,400 – $2,800 5 – 10 hrs Level 2 $2,800 – $3,920 10 – 14 hrs Level 3 $3,360 – $5,040 12 – 18 hrs Level 4 $4,200 – $8,400 15 – 30 hrs Level 5 $7,000 – $11,200 25 – 40 hrs Level 6 $11,200+ 40+ hrs
Emergency Fund
Debt Management
Employee Benefits
Retirement Plan Contributions
College Funding
Retirement Plan Projection
Tax Planning
Primary Residence
Charitable Giving
Social Security
Pension Election
Retirement Withdrawals
Windfall (inheritence etc.)
Equity Compensation
Small Business Retirement Plan
Career Change
Asset Allocation
Single Retirement Account
Multiple Retirement Accounts
Multiple Retirement & Taxable Accounts
General Life Insurance Advice
Specific Life Insurance Advice
General Insurance Advice
LTC Cash Flow
Basic Advice
Plan Design
Document Review
Charitable Estate
Estate Settlement


We offer a no-cost, no-obligation confidential consultation so you can see if we are the right fit for you.